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Two bathroom renovation

After water damage we had to renovate 2 bathrooms. We found Cristiā€¯s web site and liked his portfolio in a slide show. We contacted Cristi, he provided a really reasonable estimate the next day! A day later he came by and contributed his experience and gave us suggestions for changes. We needed new plumbing, new electrical/potlights, exhaust fans with roof vents, floor heating, a new sewer connection, structural reinforcements for new dry wall, ceramic wall&floor tiles for both bathrooms and paint.

Cristi kept his time schedule 100% and his work was accurate and precise. We paid the agreed amount according to the quote. The two bathrooms are AWESOME!! We recommended Cristi to all our friends and we signed up with him to do the renovations in our family room.

Otto & Brigitte Gerle
Stoney Creek

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